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Formula_for_Healing.jpgMuch like a scab heals, tears in the disc wall need time to heal. The absence of pain does not mean the tears have had time to seal up, which is crucial to preventing the newly retracted nucleus pulposus from escaping and putting pressure back on the nerves. Completing your course of SD, as determined by your doctor and according to the severity of your condition takes time. Each session prescribed is needed to maintain a fully hydrated and oxygen-rich environment for the damaged disc. The same principles apply for those with degenerative disc disease.

After as little as nine treatments, the disc wall may have almost completely healed. However, a small fissure remains. Continuing with the SD protocol will allow for an enriched disc environment to speed the body's natural healing mechanism. The last remaining SD sessions will enable the disc to completely heal, dramatically reducing the chance for a relapse.

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